About Us


With over 25 years experience in loan negotiating, loan structuring and finding solutions, we know exactly what the banks are looking for to offer you:


  • The mortgage to suit your needs

  • The best interest rates they have available

  •  A quick decision

  • The business loans or finance you need

  • The most competitive commercial loan pricing

  • Your ideal business loan structure

  • Less conditions and covenants

  • Better service through understanding of your personal and business needs

Many of the clients we assist already have an approval from their bank or have seen another mortgage broker before being referred to us, yet they choose to work with us anyway. At Finance Negotiators, we take the time to really understand your situation, then we simplify the process of obtaining business or personal finance. We guide you every step of the way, prepare all necessary applications on your behalf, give you clear instructions on any information required or actions you need to take and keep you updated throughout the process by SMS, email or phone. We offer a wide range of over 40 lenders, and can therefore compare the best available and most suitable mortgages to meet your requirements.


In addition to home loans, we also assist with Business loans and overdrafts, Invoice Finance, Commercial property finance and Property development loans, SMSF lending requests and Asset & equipment finance. 


For our business customers we offer a full review of all existing business banking facilities and relationships. From this review we will be able to advise you of any areas that can be improved to meet your goals, or where you can get a better deal. This may mean better facility term and/ or structure, cheaper pricing, less conditions and covenants or even alternatives to using bank debt for your funding requirements. A better deal does not always mean moving banks. Quite often we are able to re-negotiate your existing facilities with your current bank.


We are quite different from your average finance broker- We have owned, invested in and run many small businesses, as well as being accredited business advisers. We use our additional business experience to really understand the wider business challenges that you face, and are able to offer alternative solutions that not only address your immediate finance requirements but also align with your wider business goals, and in many cases reduce or remove some of the other business challenges you face. 

Despite all the bad publicity the banks get, they really do want to lend money, and they really do want to give you a deal that will ensure you stay banking with them. Unfortunately however, the skills and expertise of bankers varies significantly from bank to bank and branch to branch. This is also the case across brokers. What this means is that your business may not get an accurate representation to the bank's credit department, resulting in declined decisions, onerous terms and conditions, or higher pricing. All of these could be avoided or improved by presenting a lending proposal for your business that is fully and correctly presented, to ensure the best possible outcome. At Finance Negotiators, we put ourselves in the shoes of the credit sanctioning team, by using our years of business loan approval experience, and identify any risks that the bank may see. Our proposals therefore cover off any perceived or real business risks to ensure the credit officials have what they need to say YES, and to ensure the best possible terms and pricing for you and your business. Please read some of our case studies here.