Detailed Business Banking review


This review is a thorough review of all current business banking facilities. The aim of this review is to identify possible improvements to ensure that banking facilities align with the current business goals. The improvements that we usually identify include the following:


Pricing - There are many different aspects that impact on the price of the facilities that you are offered by your bank. We understand how the banks pricing models work and what issues make it easier for them to reduce your pricing.


Structure and term - Quite often as time goes by, the loan and banking structures previously in place are no longer suitable for your business. We are able to align your business goals with our knowledge of how your bank thinks to Improve your banking and loan structure, often leading to improved cash flow and reduced costs.


Facility level - Are you able to predict the likely level of borrowings that you may require for the next 12 months? We assist here by identifying and analysing your cash flow cycle to work out your likely level of borrowing requirements.


Conditions and Covenants - Often you are asked by the bank to provide regular reporting of information or to meet certain minimum financial measurements. We understand what risks the bank are trying to cover off with these covenants and conditions, and are able to identify whether the risks are still relevant or alternate methods of covering off the risks, saving you and the bank time and money.


Security - We use our business analysis skills to identify whether the current level of security provided by the business or it's owners is still necessary or whether the security position can be improved, freeing up personal assets, increasing available business equity and reducing business owner risk.


Relationship - By knowing exactly how the banks monitor your business and your bank accounts we are able to provide tips and secrets that will make it easy for your banker to want to support you and ensure you always get their best attention. Nowadays bankers run with numerous customers so it is important that your requests are prioritised by your bank if you want quick decisions and the service you expect. We show you how to get this.


The banking review is a great way to test your current bank, test your internal management or just get a better feel and understanding on how the banks work.


This detailed review is usually undertaken at a cost of $597 but is currently offered at no charge to all businesses. But hurry, this free offer could end at any time. Book an appointment by contacting us now.