Case Studies


Below are some examples of the type of cases we handle. The biggest compliment we can get is a referral to your colleagues, friends and family, and we are grateful for your support. Referrals remain our main source of business.. 

Developer hits the roof


A developer looking for $13,2m to finance a 3rd project with his existing bank was surprised when he received a letter of offer at a far lower amount and LTC (Loan to Cost) than he needed. In discussions with his Banker he was told that the Bank viewed his next development as more risky and therefore only warranted a lower LTC. He approached Finance Negotiators to seek alternate finance. On reviewing the finance proposal submitted by the customer and his existing bank's offer, we were able to identify the concern as seen by the bank. We amended the proposal to cover off the concerns his bank had and submitted the amended proposal back to his existing bank as well as a competitor. Result- two competing offers of funding at the LTC our customer sought and a far cheaper price and less conditions than the initial offer.

End of the line for Manufacturing company
Desperately in need of a larger production line to handle two increased orders, our client had approached his existing bank for asset finance of $3,1m. His bank approved the amount but insisted on a 3 year repayment term, which meant the repayments would prove too high for our client. On discussions with the bank and provision of further cash flow forecasts and supply agreement information, we were able to get them to agree to a 4 year term, but also managed to get a 5 year term from another lender, at a far cheaper price. 
Solicitor firm seeks advice

The two founding partners wished to retire but were unsure how to go about leaving the business with the cash they needed. Their fellow partners and the new partner coming on board had insufficient cash to completely buy them out. After understanding what they were trying to achieve, we were able to present 3 options for obtaining the finance required, and within a month the date was set, the finance approved and a deal concluded. 

Accounting firm buys competitor
Sourcing a suitable client book to purchase had taken considerable time, but now that one had been found, they had to move fast to prevent losing the opportunity. Having referred their own customers to us before, we were asked to arrange the financing for this new opportunity. The request was to get 'the highest amount of loan against purchase price possible'. After working closely with our client to ensure all information was quickly and correctly put together, we were able to get a 100% funding offer in record time.

School teacher gets a new life
Dreaming of her own business had been a regular occurrence, until she saw a training business close to her home advertised. At first when she saw the price and looked at her savings, she didn't think there was any way she could possibly buy the business of her dreams. After 3 weeks had gone by and while at a BBQ she was given our number by a friend. After a few discussions, assessing the business information, running all the numbers and negotiating with the vendor we were able to put together a suitable financing proposal that was very affordable from existing business income. Her own bank approved the finance and after 11 years employed, our client was able to fulfil her dream. 

New CFO gets the credit
3 months into her new role, our client was concerned about the existing banking relationship. The business had been expanding and her predecessor had assisted the owners to enter into a number of large loan agreements which were absorbing all the business cash flow, causing ongoing supply issues and a damaged bank reputation. The business owners were frustrated with the bank. After attending the board meeting we commenced analysing the current position and working on potential solutions. The client's bank had put the business into their 'turnaround/ recovery' department and after proposing various finance solutions we were asked to negotiate with the bankers directly on behalf of our client. We attended the bank meeting with our clients and presented a clear and detailed explanation of what had occurred to date, the ongoing viability of the business and re-assured them of the owner's commitment to the business. All debt was restructured onto more manageable repayment terms and after 3 months the monitoring conditions were relaxed and the business returned to their local bank manager.