Finance 4 Good!


Finance Negotiators regularly runs campaigns to raise funds for local charities. We give a large portion of our commissions earned from writing new mortgages and from refinancing existing residental mortgages to various local charities.  If you have a charity that you would like supported, please feel free to contact us.

How you can help!


If you are looking to buy a new home, looking to extend your existing home or just looking for a better mortgage deal then give us a call. There is no charge for our services and we can compare over 40 lenders to ensure you get the best mortgage deals in the market.


You can also support us by referring friends, family and co-workers who may be looking for a new mortgage or a better mortgage deal.


Please bring our campaign to the attention of your favourite charity.



How does it work?


In simple terms, every time we write a home loan during the campaigns we will ask our clients to nominate a charity or organisation that we can pay a 'referral fee' to. When we get paid our commission from the lender with whom the mortgage is placed, we will contribute to the charity chosen by our client.













What makes this even more exciting is that while we have our own charities that we are passionate about, we are happy to support the charities that our clients care most about. This means for example that if your local charity, church or sports club is trying to raise funds for a specific event, we can help you with your efforts to support them.


There is no extra cost or effort required by our clients. So if you need a home loan, why not use our services to source the perfect loan for you, and help support your favourite charity too!


For more information please give us a call.


Tel: 1300 59 11 20


Thank you for your support and

have a great day!


Jason Guy



Why we are doing this



Let's face it, buying a new home or renovating an existing home is a really exciting time. Those of us who can afford to buy, build or renovate are incredibly fortunate. There is of couse no doubt that you have worked really hard to get to this point.


I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing and hearing the excitement my clients go through when I advise them of their finance approval and they realise that their dream home has just become a reality. This is one of the reasons why I love what I do.


Another passion of mine however is to be able to give back to those in need and to support our local communities.Finance 4 Good is our way of giving back.


When speaking with my clients it is clear that each one of us has had their own personal challenges and most have causes that they are keen to support. The intention of Finance 4 Good is for the charities and local community clubs that our clients are passionate about to benefit whenever our clients use our services.